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Black Diamond Coming Soon!

Adrienne Gomez, Dark Moon Press author of Goth: The Guide For Babybats and Beyond by Ligeia, is working on her first single CD, called Black Diamond. Dark Moon Productions was founded by author and Dark Moon Press publisher E.R. Vernor, whose goal is to give back to the communities that helped his personal career as […]

Corvis Nocturnum Signs with Collective Celebrity Management

Corvis Nocturnum has signed with Collective Celebrity Management! The talent agency can be linked to names like John Tobin (Paranormal Investigator) , Jennifer Lynn Warren (Coven) and Robert LaSardo (Death Race).

Upcoming Events

Corvis Nocturnum at House Kheperu Gather 2014

Meet Corvis Nocturnum on June 6th-8th at the House Kheperu Gather! On Saturday—4:30PM – 6:00PM—he’ll be presenting, “The Power Within.” 5300 Riverside Drive Cleveland Ohio 44135 Location: Sheraton Cleveland Airport Hotel.

Christopher DiCesare at East Coast Para Con!

Join Christopher DiCesar at East Coast Para Con from October 11th to 12th!  Click Here for more details!

Christopher DiCesare at Ocean State Para Con!

Join Christopher DiCesare and other speakers at Ocean State Para Con! From July 19th to 20th, the event will be hosted at the assembly theatre in Harrisville Rhode Island from 12PM to 7 PM. General admissions is $5.

Christopher DiCesar at the New Jersey Paraunity Expo

Join Christopher DiCesare on May 31st of 2014 for the New Jersey Paraunity Expo! Hosted at The Art Factory at 70 Spruce St, Patterson New Jersey. Open to the public, tickets are on sale for $10!