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Kevin Eads - True Legends
Clay Gilbert - Annah - Children of Evohe
E. R. Vernor - Adam Kimmell - Dann Allen - Randolph County Infirmary - Resident Undead - Paranormal Lockdown
E. R. Vernor - Vampires - World History
E. R. Vernor - Corvis Nocturnum - Michelle Belanger - Vampire Evolution - From Monster to Seducer
E. R. Vernor - Corvis Nocturnum - Book of the Dead - Death and Mourning Through the Ages
Christopher DiCesare - Surviving Evidence
Angel Rae - Conversations with the Dead
Robert LaSardo - Life Sentence - True Story about Love, Lunacy and Fame
E. R. Vernor - So, You Want To Be a Successful Writer

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Brittney Johnson - Sean Berne - Yippie and Skippy Come Out to Play
Kevin Eads - Night that Follows
Laurie Pneumatikos - Blessed Trinity - Dark Fantasy for Twisted Minds
Marquis H. K. - Eerie Planet
Kate Ochss - Tale of Love and Zombies
E. R. Vernor - Madness in the Halls - Horrors of Early Asylums
Robert Ing - Atrumus Parietis Libri - Dark Book of Curse, Jinx and Spell Annihilation
Jean Pagano - Philip Carr-Gomm - Damh the Bard - Kristoffer Hughes - Tree for the Earth Mother
Kellie L. Freese - Equidistant - Poet's Journey
Angel Rae - Magick Man