How I Became an Author by Kate Andary

Kate Andary - How I Became an Author
Kate Andary - How I Became an Author
As a new author, most people want to know how you got your book published. How did you find your publisher? I guess I can say that I was one of the lucky ones; my publisher found me.
I had a friend that owned a metaphysical store. She was having an unknown publisher come out with a special guest tarot reader. I had no interest in meeting the guy that sold his own books, just the tarot reader mind you.

I went out to my friend’s shop and, little did I know, the tarot reading was going to completely change my life.
I left the reading feeling pumped and confident in my path. I was going to have my own metaphysical, mystical tea shop, which would help me pay bills as I wrote.
I’m pretty sure Tarot Reader Starr had a secret telepathic signal she gave the publisher. Or maybe he’s really good at reading people himself. Whatever happened, my life took a slow 360-degree turn from that moment on.
I sat down and had a talk with Corvis Nocturnum, owner of Dark Moon Press. He was an easy going person that was nice to talk to. Before I knew it, we had formed a friendship.
He asked me a question that I hadn’t thought about in a long time.
“If you could do anything with your life and money wasn’t a barrier what would you do?”
“I would be a writer.” I replied without hesitation.
He handed me a signed Copy of his book So You Want to Be a Successful Writer. I have regretted that moment every day thereafter. I’ll probably continue to regret that day.
I became hooked.
By that point, I had already written one full-length novel. I was working on a second, but Dark Moon Press was only publishing non-fiction. I thought it might be easier to get a fiction agent if I had established a small name for myself as a writer.
My fiction line going nowhere, I put my edits aside and started a non-fiction book. I finally completed it, and became a published author with help from Eric and Starr.
Every time I met them they would encourage me. Every time that I talked to them, they would give me hints and tricks. When other authors in the Dark Moon Press family offered tips and tricks, I would take them to heart. Our editors would talk about their biggest pet peeves, and I would attempt to correct those in my own work.
It’s rarely that you have a family to rely on.
I’m grateful that my publisher chose me versus me having to choose a publisher. Now with the expansion of fiction, I no longer have to hunt for a fiction publisher. Thank you, Dark Moon Press.
Come to the Dark Side, We have Cookies, just leave Chocolate offerings on Eric’s desk.
– Kate Andry

About the Author

Kate Andary has been studying religion, metaphysics, and energy work since she was a teenager, she always wanted to know how the world around her worked and what she could do to see through other’s eyes. Kate has spent the last five years studying science and metaphysics, as well as taking a personal journey to see how her mind, body, and spirit connect with the energy around her.

Kate has taught at conferences, been ordained from the age of 18, worked at psychic fairs, and written since she knew what letters were. If you would like to reach out to the author about further publishing or appearances, please send an e-mail to


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  1. I too, was summoned by the charming owner of DMP! My life has been surreal ever since and I wouldn’t change a thing! Glad to have you with us!

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