Best Author of the World – Kevin Eads of Dark Moon Press

Paranormal Society Awards 2017 - Kevin EadsBy January 15, 2018, it was official, author Kevin Eads had won the Best Author of the World Award from Paranormal Society World. He was nominated by Allison Ford for the most competitive of 16 categories on the Paranormal Society Worlds website. Even with a series of successful titles including Fountain of Blood, True Legends, and Eerie America, Kevin knew Paranormal Road Trip was up against some stiff competition.

Nominations for the Paranormal Society Awards were due by August 1st 2017. Voting was open from November 4th to December 18th with the results delivered between January 8th and 15th. With 886 votes hanging in the balance, a total of 6 nominees included Paranormal Investigator’s Journal by Ashley Knibb (6.2%) and The Life of a Scottish Ghosthunter by David Barrett (37.8%), but Paranormal Road Trip scared them away with 49.3% of the votes.

Paranormal Society World is a Society for demonology, parapsychology and paranormal phenomena co-founded by Paraforce Paranormal Researcher 2016 Award winner Gert Brouwer. Trained as Paranormal Researchers, Paranormal Society World investigates Paranormal Phenomena from a psychic, paranormal, technical and historical point of view. They offer courses and upcoming workshops with access to a demonologist and exorcist.

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