Magickal Tales Now Available!

Diane Narraway is a new author with Magickal Tales, a novel for Pagan children! Now available from Dark Moon Press, she aims to join author G. D. Calhoun in adding to the literature available to young Pagans. 

Magickal Tales is something new and different and is aimed at children, parents, carers and those who work with today’s young witches and pagans. The stories are not only entertaining but also bring to life a variety of spiritual and magickal and at times historical aspects of today’s pagan and magical beliefs. There is a notes section included at the back of the book that provides teachers and carers with ideas for adapting the stories into rituals that are easy to understand and suitable for children to either perform or take part in. There is also a complete play/ pantomime to entertain children whilst teaching them the history and original purpose behind one of the most our prominent customs, ‘Trick or Treating.’

60 Pages

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