True Legends is Now Available!

Kevin Eads, the author of The Amulet of Elizabeth Bathory, has done it again! Venture into his dark mind with True Legends…

Take several rugged well-built and educated young men, and many beautiful, bosomy and sexy ladies. Throw in one or two absent-minded professors. Add a slew of vampires and other Creatures of the Night and drink in the elixir that is the mind of Kevin Eads, writer of tales most campy…and most seductive.

Seduction is powerful. Allow Kevin in and he will take you on a journey to faraway lands rich in history and folklore. Explore a castle set high upon a hill, indulge in the local cuisines and soak up the culture.

If you love vampire fiction, then True Legends is going to be a book you need in your collection.

176 Pages

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