Types of Telepathy

There are 3 types of telepathy: Instinctive, Intuitive & Mental.
» Instinctive Telepathy
Instinctive telepathy is a basic ability common to most species. It’s a merging of minds, rather than a transferance between minds.
At most, instinctive telepaths can broadcast simple images, emotions and sensations. Rather than surface thoughts or broadcasting, their specialty is the subconscious mind. Their weakness is close proximity, since many of them are better at great distances.
Many instinctive telepaths struggle with mental separation. In fact, some many view people as an extension of each other.
Here are a few examples of Instinctive Telepathy:
A young teenager has a reputation of being memorable and making good impressions. Whenever he enters a room, people tend to look at and/or notice him. When he’s happy, he can make everyone around him happy, but he tends to dull an entire room if he’s sad. In his presence, an individual can and does confess to things he/she would never willingly do for another.
Margaret was a successful, talented and genuinely caring therapist. She enjoyed her job very much, despite exhausting hours and a stressful environment. She was good at it and made a difference, which helped her cope with anything it threw at her.
Margaret had a curious ability to discern a person’s personality. She could pinpoint their problems and effectively find a solution for them. As a therapist, it was a very useful skill, and she never hesitated to use it. Being a woman of science, she would never openly admitted it.
Instinctive telepaths have excellent imaginations and interpersonal intelligence. These people may have a fascination for patterns, textures or visual stimulation.
» Intuitive Telepathy
The concept of intuitive telepathy is based on The Grid Theory.
The Grid is a collective consciousness comprised of humanity’s shared energy. It contains collective memories and emotions, according to the theory. There is a master Grid and minor Grids; minor Grids are tied to specific areas or objects of importance.
An intuitive telepath is able to exchange information with the Grid. Tapping into it subconsciously, information can appear as unexplainable knowledge. To a much lesser degree, it could also appear as irrational fears or rootless emotions and urges. Unlike other forms of telepathy, it’s not limited by distance or time.
Unlike other forms of telepathy, intuitive telepathy is not limited by living organisms. Their ability focuses more on residual mental connections, rather than currently active ones.
The following is an example of intuitive telepathy:
George and John were identical twins. As children, they’d shared everything with each other. As with many twins, George and John had a connection between them. For an example, the twins had an uncanny ability to “feel” each other, or find each other if necessary. If either twin was upset, the other knew it immediately—including what exactly was wrong.
In college, George decided to take an arts class. John had an excellent skill and eye for art, so why shouldn’t George? (They shared everything else!) Of course, life didn’t work that way.
George had a particularly difficult assignment. He’d been working for hours without any progress, or even a shred of luck. He passionately wished for John’s talent, then. After staring at his canvas for hours, though, he knew what to do.
The next day, John called up, “I had the weirdest dream. I was staring at a canvas. I was holding my favorite paint brush.”
George looked at his art supplies quizzically. Sure enough, he had John’s favorite paint brush!
Truthfully, intuitive telepathy is a bit controversial.
» Mental Telepathy
Made famous by Marvel and Hollywood, mental telepathy is a familiar talent. It’s a transfer, manipulation and perception of thought. Unlike other forms of telepathy, mental telepathy is limited by distance.
The following are a few examples of mental telepathy:
David has a reputation of having short, horrid relationships. He’s described as a “great guy,” but many people find David eerily astute. In fact, many people are uncomfortable with how astute David is. Many of his ex-girlfriends say, “It’s like he can see right through me.”
Sometimes, David responds to comments nobody makes or makes strange gestures. Sometimes, he complains of pressure headaches or whispers.
Do you believe in telepathy? Why or why not? How do you feel about the types of telepathy named above?
Share some of your psychic experiences below!

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Touring Dates for Deb DeRousse & Arjay

There’ll be more touring dates for Deb DeRousse and Arjay. Please stay tuned.

  • May 20th 2017 – Houghton Heights Paracon. Old Stone School House 7715 Stone School Rd. Houghton Lake, Mi. Lecture at 10:30 a.m. and book signing until 7:00 p.m.
  • June – Grand Traverse Resort Casino (more information to come)
  • July – Spirit Festival 22nd & 23rd at Old Stone School House 7715 Stone School Rd. Houghton Lake, Mi.
  • August – Michigan Paracon AUG. 24-26, 2017 | Kewadin Casino, 2186 Shunk Rd., Sault Ste. Marie MI. Phone #: (906) 632-3366
  • September 8th, 9th, and 10th – Flower of Life Spiritual Retreat. 10557 N 19 Rd, Buckley, MI 49620 Lecture Saturday, book signing all weekend.
  • October – Chicago Ghost Con 2017, 5th-8th at The Portage Theater, Chicago, IL.
  • October – Petoskey MI. Little Traverse Bay Parafest, The Terrace Inn, located at 1549 Glendale, Bayview Michigan
  • November – Dundee MI. Old Mill Parafest (more information to come)

2017 Touring Dates for Corvis Nocturnum

More dates to come.


April 2nd – The author will be speaking and signing at the Magic Candle, located at 203 S Audubon Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46219
Phone: (317) 357-1101.


May 22nd – The author will be speaking at Book Mark on North Anthony Blvd in Fort Wayne, Indiana from 2:00 pm to 4:00pm.

May 21st and 28th – The author will be speaking and signing at the Magic Candle, located at 203 S Audubon Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46219


June 4th – The author will be speaking and signing at the Magic Candle, located at 203 S Audubon Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46219.

June 9-11 -The author looks forward to seeing you at House Kheperu Gather at the new hotel! Doubletree by Hilton 1100 Crocker Rd Westlake, OH.

June 22nd-25th – The author will be speaking at and vending at Michigan Pagan Fest. This event is held at Wayne County Fairgrounds, in Belleville, MI. For more details visit


July 19 – July 23, 2017 – The author invites you to join him at Chrysalis Moon, as he returns to speak at Ronora Lodge and Retreat Center, 9325 Dwight Boyer Rd, Watervliet, MI 49098.

July 28th-30th, – Come meet the author at The Dark History Con, Champaign-Urbana Illinois


August 2-6, 2017 – 41st Annual Pan Pagan Festival. The author is one of the guest speakers.
Pan Pagan Festival is held at Rising Sun Family Campground, in Monterey, Indiana. The campground is just off Highway 35, on the beautiful Tippecanoe River. Located approximately 20 from both Knox and Winamac, Indiana.

August 19th, 20th – Join the author for THE GOOZ PROJECT V2.0. MS Fundraiser Paracon
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September 1st– September 4th- The author is a return guest presenter at Atlanta GA convention, speaking on the occult and various topics on panels. Details to come. Dragon Con


October 10th – The author will be a guest on the Phenomena Encountered Radio Network
radio show with Denise Garcia and Daniel Klaes.

October 28th, 29th – The author will tentatively appearing in New Orleans, for an event to be announced!

2017 Tour Dates for Christopher DiCesare

April 20th – Historic Palmyra Presents Chris Di Cesare, The “Ghost Boy of Geneseo”. 7PM, Alling Coverlet Museum, 122 William Street, Palmyra, NY 14522. Bonnie Hays.

April 22nd/23rd – Chicago (Pending).

April 29th – The Strand Theater, 7 PM. 400 Clifton Ave, Lakewood, NJ 08701. Barry Ruggiero.

May 1st – Paranormal Collaboration, with Bill Reap. Blog Talk Radio.

May 6th-7th – Hudson Valley Comic Con, 258 Titusville Rd, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603. Kayla Smith and Dylan Pisani.

May 13th, 2017 – 4th Annual New Jersey Para-Unity Expo. Woodbridge High School, Woodbridge Township, NJ 07095. Event Director: John Ruggiero.

May 20th – Burn Brae Mansion, Glen Spey, New York.

June 2nd – Noah Webster Weekend, 6-9 PM, Goshen, NY – with Walter Pahucki

June 21st – SOS Teen Paranormal Camp, Shanley Hotel. 3:30PM. 56 Main Street, Napanoch, NY. Jodi Nettles.

July 8th – Rolling Hills Asylum Summer Bash, Rolling Hills Asylum, 10AM-6PM, East Bethany, NY 14054. Sharon Coyle-Farley.

July 15th-16th – Ocean State Paracon, Presented by RISEUP Paranormal. Harrisville, Rhode Island. Event Director: Ken DeCosta.

July 22nd – Dark Matters Symposium, Niagara Falls, NY. Daniel Klaes.

August 12th – Syracon Paranormal Convention, 10AM, Barnes Hiscock Mansion, 930 James St., Syracuse, NY 13205. Hosted by Syracuse Area Paranormal. Kevin Cook.

August 25th/26th – Buffalo. Pending.

September 9th/10th – The Pointed Hat, Port Jervis, NY. Charles Cable.

September 16th – 3rd Annual Haldeman Mansion Paracon. Lora Cole Shirey.

September 22nd – Parapalooza II, The ScaryToga Project. Craig Wander.

September 30th – Behind the Veil 2, East Brusnwick Elk Lodge, East Brunswick, New Jersey, 08816. ParaX – Karen Kimmel Timper.

October 7th – East Coast Paracon, Hilton Hotel and Conference Center, Scranton PA. Sponsored by the Pennsylvania Paranormal Association. Stanley Zurek and Joe Hawk.

October 14th/15th – Pending. With Krystal Madison.

October 21st – AuthorCon and MovieFest, Holiday Inn: Oneonta/Cooperstown, Oneonta, NY 13820. Sponsored by DTM Wicked Radio. Denny Gager and Tiffani E. Rai.

October 26-28 – Troy College, Pennsylvania. Pending.

November 4th – Old Mill Parafest IV. Dundee, Michigan – Tim Rehahn and Deb Debbie DeBusk Marcum.

December 9th/10th – Bizarre Haunted Holidays Flea Market, Old Bethpage Village Restoration. Elsie Ginsberg.

Angel Rae at HillCon 2016

Are you excited about meeting your favorite authors? If you’ve read Tarot by Angel Rae, you’ll be excited to know that she’ll be signing books at Hillview Manor Paranormal Convention! Mark the date:

September 24th 2016
11AM – 7PM

Hill View Manor
2801 Ellwood Road
New Castle, PA 16101

If you’re using GPS to attend, enter the following address:

2801 Hill View Manor Drive

2016 Tour for Christopher DiCesare

February 28th – “Meet the Author’s” event. AMAZING PARANORMAL ENCOUNTERS 2, published by Stellium Press. Skype 8-9PM. Host: Annette Munich. 

February 29thParanormal Enthusiasts of Duchess County Meeting – featuring Brian J. Cano. 7PM, I-84 Diner 853 Route 52 Fishkill, NY 12524 

March 12th – 7PM. Club Para the Para Lounge radio show, with Ryleigh Black.

March 20th – 9PM-11PM. Living Paranormal, iTV and radio show with Rob Henry, Jason Olivo and Rev. Robyne Marie.

March 23rd – 9:30-11:30PM. Late Night in the Midlands, with host Michael T. Vara.

April 8th-April 9th – SalemCon2. VIP Party April 8th, Lecture Series and Vendors, April 9th. 18 Washington Sq. W.,Salem, Massachusetts 01970. Host: MGHP (Event Directors: Marc Arvilla and Lauren Sheriden)

April 30th – 4th Annual Paranormal for Paws Expo, 1:30-6:30PM. MasterPeace Dog Training, Franklin, Massachusetts 02038. Event Director: Taunya Damon.

May 7th – Hudson Valley Comic Con 11AM. Gold’sGym, 258 Titusville Road, Poughkeepsie, New York 12603.

May 14th – New Jersey Para-Unity Expo, 11:00AM-6PM. Woodbridge High School, Woodbridge Township, NJ 07095. Event Director: John Ruggiero.

May 21st-May 22nd – Waterloo Psychic Fair. Waterloo, NY 13166. 10AM-7PM. Event Director: Kathy Brown.

May 28th  – Seaside Shadows Haunted ToursVines on Church, Wesleyan University, Middletown Connecticut 06457.  Event Director:  Courtney McInvale Reardon.

June 4th-June 5th – 2nd Annual Pennhurst Paracon. Spring City, PA. 19475. Event host: Bob Christopher.

June 11th – The Dandy/Hinsdale House, 6:30PM. Hinsdale, NY 14743.  Event Director: Daniel Klaes.

June 18th – The Pointed Hat, 2PM, 13 W. Main Street, Port Jervis, NY 12771.  Hosted by Charles Darkholme.

July 9th – Rolling Hills Asylum Paracon, 10AM. Rolling Hills Asylum, Bethany Center Road & Raymond Rd, East Bethany, New York 14054.

July16th-17th – Ocean State ParaCon, noon-7PM, Harrisville, RI, RISEUP Paranormal to benefit the Wounded Warriors Project. Event Director: Ken DeCosta.

July 19th – Phenomena Encountered, Crossroads Radio Network, 7PM.  Hosted by Denise Garcia.

July 23+24 – Gathering of the Paranormal, 10AM. VFW Post 6123, Windsor Locks, CT. Hosted by Chris Baricko.

August 6th – Ghosts at the Post?  9PM. The American Legion Post 1231, Rensselaer, NY.  Sponsored by the Glory Haunt Hounds

August 7th – Haunt Faire 2016 – A Convention For All Things, Clarion Hotel 3845 Vets Memorial Parkway, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779.

September 24th – East Coast Paracon, Steamtown Mall, Scranton, PA, Paranormal Science, WILK-FM,

October 8th – Paracon For Paws, Round Pond, Mitlon, NY.  Hosted by Take Me home Pet Rescue. Event Directors: Phillip Casey and Sherry Casey.

October 22nd-October 23rd – 2016 Finger Lakes ParaCon/Spiricon. Hilton Garden Inn, 74 State St, Auburn, New York 13021. Hosted by: Empire State Paranormal Research Society. Event Director: Steve Brewer.

October 29th-October 30th – Paranormal Super Con. The Ambassador Center, Erie PA. Event Director: Rob Szarek.

January 8th, 2017 – 3rd Annual WinterParafest, Avon, NY. Event Director: Ted Van Son

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