Blessed Trinity Dark Fantasy for Twisted Minds


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This book is what happens when twisted minds open up just enough to allow us a peek into their gruesome imaginings. And as a contributing writer and editor of this book, I am both fascinated and alarmed by the depth of depravity my friends and fellow authors have revealed in their writing; and I am more than a bit terrified by my own level of wickedness.

It’s a naughtiness that begs be shared, so that you too, can go to bed at night knowing that somewhere, a demented individual or two is gleefully envisioning a delightfully macabre fantasy and taking it out on their keyboard instead of executing it. But then again…. we cannot be sure the authors haven’t already committed these unspeakably ghoulish acts… after all, they are under no obligation to reveal their true identities.

This book exists because all the contributors were given a choice to remain anonymous. While you may recognize some the names of familiar authors featured in this book, others have taken a vow of anonymity, presumably to protect the guilty. Welcome to a little guessing game I like to call: Who, in the name of all that is unholy, wrote that?

“One of the greatest books I’ve read in a long time! Very Demented! And that’s a good thing in a wickedly devilish way!” – Blake Turner

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Laurie Pneumatikos


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