Cassie’s Song

Book 2 of the Tales of the Night Kind Series


What if forever can end?

It’s been a year since Cassie Edwards left Auburn, Alabama, behind for Atlanta, Georgia, and a new life with Martin Cabot, the Night-Kind who saved her from certain death. She’s Cassie Cabot now. The love she always looked for, a freedom from the illness that had dominated her life, the gifts of eternal life and youth, these should be a small price to pay for leaving the mortal world behind, but Cassie can’t stop looking back.

She’s plagued by dreams of her friends and family, and unable to fully come to terms with her new life. And that’s not all. All around Atlanta, something is happening that shouldn’t be able to: the Change that separates vampires from humankind is breaking down, and Night-Kind are dying.

The dark secret behind this mystery seems to lie with a new sect of Night-Kind called “new-bloods,” but Cassie’s search for answers and a new sense of belonging among them makes new enemies. Soon, she’s on the way back to Auburn, to make peace once and for all with her own daylight and darkness—or else die trying.

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Sooner or later, everybody finds someone to call home. Sooner or later, everybody finds their tribe.

History, family, and home are what you make of them. Sometimes they are by birth, sometimes by choice, and sometimes a combination of the two. Aiden Kincaid and Avery Meadows meet on the first day of their freshman year at Oxford College in Georgia, in the fall of 1991. They bond over their loneliness and their common love of a rock band called Coventina’s Well, a legendary holdout from the counterculture of the 1960s. The day they meet each other, they also meet a strange, sweet girl with the unlikely name of Lucifer Button. Luci’s life is intertwined with the history of Coventina’s Well, and with a deeper history Aiden and Avery come to find involves them as well: the history of a hidden tribe of humanity sometimes called the Children of Memory, but more often, merely called The Kind.

Following what seems to be an ordinary tour by a rock band across the country to a huge music festival in California, Aiden and Avery come to realize they have a place in something much larger and older than themselves. What’s at stake isn’t just the career of a faded but fabled rock band from the Sixties, but the balance between Light and Shadow itself, destined to be set right at an event called the Great Alignment, scheduled to be held in one of the Kind’s ancestral seats of power: the natural amphitheater known as Red Rocks, in Colorado, at the tour’s end.

Who are the forces determined to make sure the Alignment never happens—and what does Luci Button’s missing sister have to do with all of this?

Enter a world of music and magic, hiding just beyond the world of the everyday. A world where the balance between Light and Shadow is sometimes held by the strings of a guitar and the notes of a song. Where history is sometimes a secret and love is a key to understanding.

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