Hail Thyself – DVD


The accompanying workbook for Hail Thyself has arrived! Either buy it alone or pair it with the book. Learn many tricks and techniques, research and famous quotes that help you build self-control, gain self-esteem and confidence.

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Corvis Nocturnum, E. R. Vernor


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This DVD expands the material found in the best selling book, Hail Thyself! Unlocking the Secrets of Control, Wealth and Power. The author not only covers all of the basics, but adds personal insights of how he went from homeless to owning a print and media business. You will learn everything from changing your own mindset in order to get out of the largest roadblock – YOU. You will learn to not only adjust how you see the world around you as full of opportunities instead of drawbacks, how to shift challenges into learning opportunities. The advanced materials covers the darker side of the psyche, the Ego and its need to be fueled properly to how to control not only yourself but those in your life well beyond your immediate circle of acquaintances to get what your heart truly desires out of life.