Submission 2

Good news! A literary agent is not required for your submission.

Your submission must include the following:

  • Cover letter containing a brief description of the project and the contents of the package.
  • An outline and/or annotated table of contents.
  • A description of the intended market as it pertains to the subject matter including an explanation of why someone would want to buy the book.
  • Include a list of known competing titles and how yours differs.
  • Brief summary of the author’s background and credentials in light of the subject matter.
  • A full manuscript, if completed.
  • In the case of a proposal, at least three sample chapters.
  • Submissions must be in English, double-spaced in 12-point type.
  • Do NOT submit handwritten material
  • Complete permissions and citations. Do not use anything that is copyright protected without express written permission from the copyright holder.
  • Total word count for the proposed manuscript.
  • Your complete daytime contact information including telephone and email.

Cover Art

Dark Moon Press occasionally accepts cover art (300 DPI 2000×3000 pixels).


For an average manuscript pays 20% of cover after cost for manufacturing is deducted. A $18.00 to $20.00 book at $18.00 to $19.00 is cost and the author receives $1-2.00 per copy, paid twice a year. Wholesale sales to distribution is at the same scale and added at the end of the year.

Dark Moon Press is nearly 2x-4x per copy royalty compared to most other publishers and accepts input on the cover design since you know the feel of it best. We also offer a 50% wholesale discount when ordering for events instead of the normal 40% discount from other publishers.

Promotion of Work

We attempt to connect authors with radio hosts for promotional coverage and other marketing no longer offered by even the big 5 publishers but it is also very much up to the writer to do much of their own word of mouth advertising. We also strongly encourage each Author to have their own website where you own the content and share it with social media rather than depending on them for your income. Face Book, Twitter, Myspace helps you get a wave of interested readers of your books.

For legal purposes we require the author’s name address and phone number for contracts and always ask your permission when the media request calls for radio/television appearances.

In this digital age, fewer and fewer books are sold via traditional methods at local book-chains. The days of having a book signing at a bookstore are largely a thing of the past unless it is at a local used bookstore (wonderful places if you can find such a treasure trove) and although book lovers like ourselves are saddened by this change we embrace the challenge as a publisher in seeking out ways of getting the Authors the most sales possible. To that end we provide several outlets for sales such as Kindle format, Abyss Distribution for New Age and Occult titles and of course many forms of promotion on our website.

*Anthology Submissions*

Any previously published works are acceptable, but you must give proper credit at the top of your submission. We will need a current email address and mailing address for each submission as each author will get a copy. (Include the title of the book in your subject line.) We, as the publishers, are not responsible for where to mail your complimentary copies.


Printed submissions can be sent to:

Dark Moon Press P.O Box 11496 Fort Wayne, Indiana 46803-2649

Only send copies of your material and keep the original for your records. If you wish to have any material returned, include a self-addressed envelope with appropriate postage. Otherwise, materials will not be returned. If desired, include a self-addressed, stamped blank postcard for acknowledgement of receipt of materials. Submission of unsolicited materials is done at the author’s risk of loss or damage.