Angel Rae

Angel Rae hails from a small town in Pennsylvania. Miss Rae’s spiritual roots run deep within her heritage, and she is a lifelong student of the paranormal, spirituality and other supernatural beings. With Angel’s passion for and love of writing, she dove head-first into the Romance/Erotic scene and is taking it by storm! You can find her other titles under Angelica Night!

Tour Dates

Dark Moon Press Author Angel RaeMarch 16, 2018 Strange Things Radio Network

March 19, 2018 Meet Paranormal INVESTIGATOR and Author Angel Rae

April 7, 2018 Hotel Conneaut Paranormal Psychic Fair

April 21, 2018 Old St. Joseph Hospital Psychic & Paranormal Fair

May 12/13 Researchers Investigating the Paranormal Psychic Fair

June 9, 2018 Haunted Destinations Paranormal Expo at Selma

July 15, 2nd Annual Detroit Festival of Books! FREE!

August 10/11 2018 Resident Undead Mad-Con #fightcf

August 25, 2018 Hannah House Paranormal Day Celebration (2018)