Diane Narraway

Dark Moon Press Author Diane Narraway

As a writer, Diane Narraway has contributed a variety of articles about subjects of interest to both the magickal and the pagan communities for both Dolmen Grove Chronicles and Artemis Magazine, as well as short stories, poetry, and rituals. She is the initiator, editor, and one of the authors of the comprehensive and innovative anthology Lucifer Light of the Aeon (Black Moon Publishing) and the Luciferian poetry anthology Songs of the Black Flame (Black Moon Publishing) as well as contributing an essay on “Lucifer” to Mishlen Linden’s anthology Women of Babalon (Black Moon Publishing) and was a contributor to the Occult Digest (Black Moon Publishing). She has a children’s book due out this year with Dark Moon Press and is currently working on some dark fantasy fiction for an anthology alongside other writers, as well as two other occult publications due out next year through Black Moon Publishing.

She has done articles and interviews for renowned author Charlotte Rodger’s Blog.

As an editor, her work with the Dolmen Grove Chronicles has involved working alongside many writers from a variety of different paths and countries.

She is the editor of Exegesis of Lucifer (Solophi) and Alter- Ego (Solophi) by Richard K Page, and is currently working on a Travel Journal, amongst other things.

She is also a speaker at various events around the UK and will be at the Left Hand Path Consortium in St Louis in 2018.


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