Drake Mefestta

Dark Moon Press Author Drake Mefestta

Drake Mefestta began creating at the age of four. Influenced by early personal events in life, often concerning the macabre, he used art as a means to convey a deeper understanding than most and fascination regarding the themes of mortality, demise, the great beyond, and the human emotion. While expressions often stayed unvarying throughout the initial years, the execution matured and took on numerous manners.

The use of digital application did not come until the late 1990‘s. This alone brought new breath to his works, and soon Drake would be featured at selected galleries throughout the state. The influence of music played heavily into the art; pieces began to be experienced as triform, where imagery was accompanied by a short musical composition, and finally a poem to give a sense of a complete exposition.

“Darkness does not define me, but had helped me to stargaze and through dreams, I can become a light for others.” -Drake Mefestta


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