Jimmy Vargas

Jimmy Vargas and the Black Dahlias’ kill chill credibility were established early in their career when in 1995, they were taken under the wing of that esteemed demon dog of American crime fiction, James Ellroy (he of LA Confidential, Black Dahlia fame), who, after hearing their first album El Torchtura, demanded that they join him on his first celebrated East Coast tour, as backing band/noir confidantes. Both survived the IRS and aging Hollywood hitmen.

With seven albums to date (their new disc of neo-40s Latino torch and dark swing… Lust Angeles, being their latest), the Black Dahlias continue to spread the gospel of the tease, the torch, and the noir to Hepcats, swingers, Satanists, vamps and jazz heathens alike.

In August 2012, Jimmy Vargas signed with legendary Hollywood label, Dionysus.

Vargas’ literary expositions have finally found a home at Dark Moon Press, with whom the crooner linked in March 2013, seeing the release of his Shadow Bride book series, with the first novel available at Amazon on April 30th, 2013.