Diane Narraway

As a writer has contributed a variety of articles subjects of interest to both the magickal and the pagan community for both Dolmen Grove Chronicles and Artemis Magazine as well as short stories, poetry and rituals.   She is the initiator, editor and one of the authors of the comprehensive and innovative anthology Lucifer Light of the Aeon (Black Moon Publishing) and the Luciferian poetry anthology Songs of the Black Flame (Black Moon Publishing) as well as contributing an essay on ‘Lucifer’ to Mishlen Linden’s anthology Women of Babalon (Black Moon Publishing) and…

Clay Gilbert

Clay Gilbert has been hearing the voices of aliens, vampires, and people from the future since about the age of four.  It wasn’t long before he started to think taking notes on what they said might be a good idea.  This has led him many places—through the halls and classrooms of many schools, where he’s […]

Deb DeRousse

BIO coming soon Books


BIO coming soon Books

G.R. Wilson

G.R. Wilson resides in the beautiful city of Rochester, NY, home of great supermarkets, cameras, colleges, and a big ‘ol canal. When he’s not writing, he enjoys riding horses, drinking beer while playing board games with friends, and repeatedly lifting heavy pieces of metal. He’d like to thank his friends, his family, and his other […]

John Ruggiero

John Ruggiero was born in New Jersey in 1968 and has resided there ever since. He has been writing since he was a child; Faith or Fate is his debut novel, but he is currently working on his second book. John was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis type 2 in his early 20s. The genetic disease has […]

Jonathan McCoy

Jonathan McCoy, paranormal researcher and investigator. Jonathan has been involved with the paranormal since a very young age and has investigated some of the biggest locations out there. Jonathan strives to expand and push the paranormal field to new levels, beyond anything that is seen on TV. Jonathan attended Film School at Full Sail University […]

Daniel Klaes

Daniel Klaes has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal. Much of his curiosity stems from his experiences living in a haunted house. These encounters with unusual phenomena caused him to push the boundaries of his own belief system. In fact later Dan later purchased his family’s home and has grown comfortable with his unseen guests.

Kerr Cuhulain

A former Air Force officer, Kerr Cuhulain (Vancouver) has been a police officer for the past twenty years, and a Wiccan for thirty. He’s served on the SWAT team, Gang Crime Unit, and hostage negotiation team. He travels throughout North America as a popular speaker at writers’ conferences and Pagan festivals, and he has been the subject of many books, articles, and media interviews. He is the author of The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca.

Vincent K. Luce

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Michelle Belanger

Michelle Belanger is most widely recognized for her work on television’s Paranormal State, where she explored abandoned prisons and haunted houses while blindfolded and in high heels. A leading authority on psychic and supernatural topics, her non-fiction research in books like The Dictionary of Demons and The Psychic Vampire Codex has been sourced in television shows, university courses, and numerous publications around the world. She has worked as a media liaison for fringe communities in the occult and paranormal world, performed with gothic and metal bands, and designed immersive live action gaming events for companies such as Wizards of the Coast. Her thrilling paranormal fiction series is published through Titan Books and begins with Conspiracy of Angels. Michelle resides near Cleveland, Ohio.

Chaz Howell

Lord Chaz, creator of the first nightly Ghost and Vampire Tours in New Orleans, has brought together the best macabre history of New Orleans to create the most entertaining and theatrical walking tours in the French Quarter.
As the shadows grow long and the sun dives behind the horizon, Lord Chaz emerges to lead brave tour participants through the darker areas of the French Quarter on the re-vamped (no pun intended) French Quarter Ghost and Vampire Tour. Featuring a few NEW stories as well as a selection of old favorites, it is a new version of his extremely popular tour that is sure to chill you to the bone.

Tammy Gehlert

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Angel Rae

The author comes from a long lineage of witches, sensitives with Native American roots. She has gathered years of studies and information to compile books that not only teach or guides her readers but leaves them room to come to their own conclusions. Everyone deserves the freedom to follow their own path and encourages her readers to never stop exploring.

Paul McFall

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K.J Belanger

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D.S Wallace

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Tessa Pointek

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Brian Danhausen

Brian Danhausen is the Founder of Into The Afterlife Paranormal. He is also a Lead Investigator. Brian resides in Warren, Mi and is married to Darlene..fellow Investigator. Together they have two children. Brian has been having paranormal experiences most of his life. Even still to this day he lives with paranormal activity in his own home…as you can see on the evidence page. After many years of investigating and having the same type of paranormal experiences that many of his family members have been having throughout their lives as well, Brian has decided to put together an official team of only the best Investigators that he has worked with…forming Into The Afterlife Paranormal.

Christopher DiCesare

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Kevin Eads

Kevin Eads was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He graduated with degrees in History and Political Science from Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne, where he served as Student Body President and was active in Phi Kappa Theta fraternity. He then received his Juris Doctorate from Nova Southeastern University where he focused on International Law. A lifelong fan of the horror genre, he began to tell his own stories with the 2011 release of The Amulet of Elis…

G.D Calhoun

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Robert LaSardo

Throughout his career, Robert LaSardo has found his niche in Hollywood playing the devious criminal. Often evil personified on screen, he constantly manages to charm police investigators and audiences alike.
As Escobar Gallardo on the award-winning series Nip/Tuck, Robert plays a cunning villain who convincingly tortures Dr. Christian Troy into revealing key information about the location of a child molester. As a gang member on both CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI: Miami, he taunts the lead investigators…

Adrienne Gomez

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Starr Morgayne

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Puck Shadowdrake

I’ve been a practicing Witch in the Georgian Tradition for over 30 years. Currently High Priest of the Circle of the Samhain Moon in the Ann Arbor, MI area, I’m also active in the local Pagan Community, as well as a teacher at ConVocation, an Earth-Religion convention in the Detroit area…

Storm Anderson

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Drake Mefestta

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Belfazaar Ashantison

Well versed in archaic magic, Voodoo and Native American spirituality, Belfazaar is the founding member of the New Orleans Vampire Association (NOVA) and works at Voodoo Authentica in New Orleans when not helping the homeless.

Corvis Nocturnum

Corvis Nocturnum is an author, publisher and lecturer who has written over a dozen books on popular culture. The content ranges from vampires and zombies to the Devil and the occult. He has also been a consultant for A&E Channel’s Paranormal State. He has appeared as a guest speaker at Dragon Con, Scarefest, Parafest and interviewed on the BET Channel’s The Lexi Show episode “The Church of Satan”. He was also interviewed in an October 2009…